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Comment fonctionne le maintien de la paix? Entretien avec Vanessa Newby

Casques bleus des Nations Unies
LE 27.03.2023
Vanessa Newby avec Chiara Ruffa

Vanessa Newby talks to the Observatoire about her latest article about credibility in UN peacekeeping recently published in Global Governance. Newby is an Assistant Professor at Leiden University with the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs – Institute of Security and Global Affairs (ISGA). She is also the President of Women in International Security Netherlands (WIIS-NL) as well as the lead researcher for the Gender and Peace research stream of the Chair of UN Studies in Peace and Justice. Vanessa’s research interests include peacekeeping, peace building, informal institutions, gender and security and the international relations of the Middle East. She is the author of Peacekeeping in South Lebanon: Credibility and Local Cooperation with Syracuse University Press (2018) and her research has been published in several international peer-reviewed journals such as Global Governance, Global Studies QuarterlyEuropean Journal of International SecurityAustralian Journal of International Affairs,Third World Quarterly, Contemporary Politics and International Peacekeeping. We hope you’ll enjoy the conversation!



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